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Building Compliance Audits &

Pre-Handover Inspections

Just because your builder was provided a copy of the bushfire report for your property, doesn’t necessary mean your home was built in compliance with the Bushfire Standard. We can quickly confirm what is non-compliant and what must be done to make it comply, all provided in a written report you can provide to your builder to have the works rectified.   Most Bushfire Reports issued by consultants are primarily  focused on advising the BAL Rating applicable for the site as part of the Estate/Subdivision report.   Itemising the building elements that need to be addressed under the standard is not part of the majority of bushfire reports.  Confirmation that the works are in accordance with the code is left to the building surveyor to be inspected at the final inspection.  The current training modules for building certifiers does not include any modules that provides specific training on Bushfire Assessment.  Therefore the chance of an element being missed is reasonably high.

Key Expertise:
  • 40yrs Building & Construction experience
  • Advance Diploma in Building Surveying (Medium Rise)
  • Open Builders / Carpenters / Plumbers / Passive Fire / External Cladding Systems Licenses
  • BPAD Accredited Consultant based on Uni Degree Qualification
  • Multiple Trade Qualifications
  • Cert 4 Tafe Qualification in Building Design

A Bushfire Building Inspection Report assessing compliance or non-compliance with AS3959 – Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas & National Construction Code/Building Code of Australia (NCC-BCA) and whether the potential impact of a bushfire has increased or decreased, provides you with the information to have the works completed by the builder, or provides you with a better negotiating position.

Building New or renovating, employs a large number of trades to bring the project through to completion.  If any element of the build’s bushfire defenses is missed or forgotten, then that could pose a point of entry for embers or heat or direct flame with serious consequences.

Buying an established property,  that may have had elements altered, removed of simply degraded over time poses the same type of risk.