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Bushfire Hazard Assessments - BAL Reports - Bushfire Reports

BAL Reports - New Homes or Renovations

AS3959 Solutions are Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Accredited Practitioners and can provide you with a wide range of bushfire hazard assessments. We have provided assessments and BAL reports to builders, developers, surveyors, planners, architects as well as directly to clients.

Bushfire assessments are required if a development site is on BUSHFIRE PRONE LAND and the type of assessment depends on the proposal.

Key Expertise:
  • BPAD Accredited.   (accreditation by NSWRFS & FPAA)
  • Annual review of experience & Continued Professional Development
  • Trade Qualifications backed by 40 yrs in Building & Construction
  • Experience in Residential Subdivision (Project Manager).
  • Tafe Qualifications in Building & Design (CAD).

A bush-fire hazard assessment assesses the bush fire hazards on and surrounding your property, for a distance of up to 100m (Qld) & 140m (NSW), and whether your development application meets performance criteria in planning for bush fire protection.

The Report is an analysis of a proposed development and its relationship to the surrounding bushland. It takes into consideration the various elements that have potential effect on bushfire behaviour.  These consist of the following:

  • Separation distance
  • Slope under the vegetation
  • Vegetation type
  • The Fire Danger Index for the location

This combination of factors produces a ‘BAL’ factor, ie. A Bushfire Attack Level.  The higher the BAL, the greater the potential risk on the development.  

To mitigate the effects of this risk, a series of six bushfire protection measures used in combination are employed.  Being:-    

  • Asset Protection Zone
  • Siting and design
  • Construction standards
  • Access requirements
  • Water & Utilities
  • Landscaping