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Commercial Building Assessments

The NCC-BCA Volume 1, Part G5 Construction in bushfire prone areas.  GP5.1 Bushfire resistance. “A building that is constructed in a designated bushfire prone area must, to the degree necessary, be designed and constructed to reduce the risk of ignition from a bushfire, appropriate to the—
(a)  potential for ignition caused by burning embers, radiant heat or flame generated by a bushfire; and
(b)  intensity of the bushfire attack on the building.

GP5.1 only applies to—
(a)  a Class 2 or 3 building; or
(b)  a Class 10a building or deck associated with a Class 2 or 3 building,
located in a designated bushfire prone area.

Accommodation Burning

AS3959 Solutions can provide your Bushfire Assessment Report required for lodgement with your development application along with advise on how best to achieve compliance.