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Desktop Reviews & Mapping of Vacant Land

A Desktop Review of the relevant Bushfire Mapping for your Lot, can provide you with an idea of the likely BAL (Bushfire Attack Level), you will need to achieve when building. Depending on the BAL, you could be talking a few thousand ($ ,000) to ten’s of thousands ($ 0,000). This information could help with your lot selection &/or negotiation. (Final BAL is subject to a site inspection with the desktop review partially off-setting the Full Inspection Fee).

Bushfire Prone Land

When purchasing a vacant block of land, the risk and cost associated with the picturesque bushland that surrounds your potential home is generally not high on the con’s for purchasing the block.  That is until you enter into the tender/costing stage of building or even renovation and you suddenly have to find $thousands or even $ten’s of thousands, heavily impacting your budget or even requiring wish list items to be sacrificed.

A Desktop Review can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase, on your proposed siting or even what areas need to be managed to lower your risk ($Cost).  Remember the impact may also affect your insurance premiums or even the ability to obtain insurance!