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We are builders, we understand the impact a bushfire report can have on the cost of building or renovating and what it can mean to your budget.  We take a no nonsense approach to assessing and reporting on the BAL Requirements and try and provide practical advice on how to reduce the cost of compliance while not increasing the risk.  Our reports are written so that you and your builder clearly understand what’s required.

Key Expertise:
  • 40yrs Building & Construction experience
  • Advance Diploma in Building Surveying
  • Cert 4 in Building & Design Drafting (Cad)
  • Qualified to Assess Bushfire Prone Land in Qld & NSW
  • Extensive trade qualifications
  • Total understanding of the impact the code has on construction costs

Our specialty areas include:

Building Compliance

Written Report/s assessing compliance or non-compliance with AS3959 & the National Construction Code – Building Code of Australia for new & existing buildings.  Detailing requirements to meet the relevant BAL Rating in a simple & easy to understand format.

High Risk and Vulnerable Land Use Applications

Bushfire Risk Planning for schools and child care services, aged care, commercial & industrial sites, local and State Government agencies.

Bushfire Reports / BAL Reports / Bushfire Hazard Assessment

A site specific Bushfire assessment, focuses on how exactly the building on the site could be impacted by bushfire. It allocates a BAL Rating which nominates the construction requirements for address the potential risk.

A Desktop Review of the relevant Bushfire Mapping for your Lot, can provide you with an idea of the likely BAL, you will need to achieve when building.  Depending on the BAL, you could be talking a few thousand ($  ,000) to ten’s of thousands ($  0,000).  This information could help with your lot selection &/or negotiation.

Bushfire Management Plans

Bushfire Management plan. Supporting documentation for subdivision and development applications for residential, commercial and government clientele.

Vegetation Class & Fuel Load Mapping

An assessment will consider topography, vegetation classifications and the impact of fuel management scenarios on the severity of a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact.  It’s not necessarily focused on the BAL or on New Building Work, it is more focused on knowing your area’s of risk and how to minimise them. “How to manage the risk!”

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) administers the Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Accreditation Scheme, designed for individual practitioners delivering bushfire assessment, planning, design and advice services. It accredits practitioners who meet criteria based on specific accreditation and competency requirements, including a detailed knowledge of and ability to practically apply the relevant planning, development and building legislation and policies, the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standard AS3959 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

(Bushfire Attack Level Contour) Mapping services for future lot layout or development to reduce construction costs and increase lot number viability.

Unlike a broad brush Estate Report, a New Home / Renovation Report focuses on the specific location of the dwelling in relation to the classified vegetation and it’s potential impact on the building.  The report provides you and your builder a guide on what exactly needs to be done to mitigate the associated risk.

Bushfire Attack Level. BAL assessments for owner’s, builders or prospective property purchasers provided state wide. Assessments undertaken using both AS3959 “Simplified Procedure (Method 1)” & “Detailed Method (Method 2)”.

A Pre-Purchase BAL Report (for completed homes) confirming compliance with the requirements for Buildings located in a Bushfire Prone Area and any elements required to make it compliant as part of the conditions of sale to protect you.

A bush-fire hazard assessment assesses the bush fire hazards on and surrounding your property, for a distance of up to 100m (Qld) & 140m (NSW), and whether your development application meets performance criteria in planning for bush fire protection.